Filer High School

3915 N. Wildcat Way
Filer, ID 83328

Phone: (208) 326-5944
Fax: (208) 326-3419

Principal’s Corner

04 Oct 2018

Thanks to the Filer School Board and Dr. John Graham, Superintendent of Schools, we have invested in making our schools much safer. We have received an updated surveillance camera system that is completely digital. Our motion detector system has been upgraded along with our exterior door locks. Now the two systems are centrally administered. To access our school during the day, guests are buzzed in by office staff and must show ID if they are not known.

Another major change is our new Swiftk12 software. It will allow us to more effectively communicate with parents and guardians. This software connects with PowerSchool empowering parents and guardians to determine what information they wish to receive and how they want to receive this information. Parents and guardians will now receive grades, attendance, school announcements, emergency closures, and safety announcements from SwiftK12. After the program is fully functional, we will no longer be using “Remind” as a tool to communicate with our parents and guardians.

To make this transition to SwiftK12 effective we need all parents and guardians to update their contact information in PowerSchool. We have created a video to assist you in this process. The video will help guide you in providing current emails, phone numbers for voice calls, and phone numbers to receive digital (text) messages. The video will also help you to determine which of the three methods of communication you wish to receive. For example, you may wish to be contacted by email regarding student grades, but would rather be contacted via text or phone call regarding student absences.

Please take a few moments to update your contact information in PowerSchool and determine the best way for you to receive information.

You will find the PowerSchool link on the Filer School District home page and a link to the Webpage and video for how to update your contact information. Or you can click HERE to go directly to the helpful instructional page.

Leon Madsen
Principal, Filer High School