Special Education

What is Special Education? Special Education programs are designed for those students who are mentally, physically, socially and/or emotionally delayed. This "delay" signifies an aspect of the child's overall development (physical, cognitive, scholastic skills) which places them behind their peers. Due to these special requirements, students' needs cannot be met within the traditional classroom environment. Special Education programs and services adapt content, teaching methodology and delivery instruction to meet the appropriate needs of each child. Filer Special Programs offers assistance to students in the following areas:

  1. Intellectual Disability
  2. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Developmental Delay
  4. Specific Learning Disability
  5. Emotional Disturbance
  6. Other Health Impairment
  7. Hearing Impairment
  8. Visual Impairment
  9. Physical Impairment
  10. Speech/Language Impairment
  11. Multiple Disabilities

Wendy French
Director of Special Programs
700 B Stevens Dr, Filer, ID 83328
Phone: (208) 326-5981
Fax: (208) 326-3350