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Filer Middle School

299 Highway 30
Filer, ID 83328

Phone: (208) 326-5906
Fax: (208) 326-3385

Staff Directory

Name Assignment Email Address
Shane Hild Principal
Melanie Shetler Administrative Assistant
Michelle Pospichal Guidance Counselor
Anthony Avelar Math Teacher
Angela Walker Math Teacher
Corey King Math/Science Teacher
Melanie Halsell Music Teacher
John Haeberle Band Teacher
Nate Losser English Teacher
Cindy Bitzenburg English Teacher
Cara Pantone English Teacher
Wendy Pierce English/ELL Teacher
Shelby Bishop Social Studies/English Teacher
Derek Howard Social Studies Teacher
Cori Warwood Science/Social Studies Teacher
Katie Williams Science/Social Studies Teacher
Alicia Robertson Science Teacher
Matt Lassen PE Teacher/Athletic Director
Sara Frazier Special Education Teacher
Jessica Cummings Behavior Team Leader
Jennifer Owens Title/Academic Intervention Teacher
Debbie Haye Media Center
DeAnne Cates Mento/Title Support