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Filer, ID 83328

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Dear Parents and Students,

As expected...this year will be a year of changes and “adjusting on the fly”. We are making some changes to our Friday Remote Learning Day expectations based on feedback from students, parents, and staff.

Starting Friday, September 18th:


We will not be marking students absent or present on Friday’s. There will be no attendance recorded for Friday as students aren’t “physically” in school.


  • We are going to assign work to students on Friday mornings. In other words, work should be sent out via google classroom or posted by 8:30am on Friday. All Friday work will be due by midnight Sunday.
  • Students will have Friday and the weekend to complete the work. This will give some time to students and families with varied schedules and conflicts.
  • If students don’t turn in Friday work by midnight Sunday, or turn it in late, we will use our normal grading practices/policy.
  • Teachers will be available for help specifically each Friday 9am to noon. They will help students at other times also on Friday, but will have some training and professional development during some times on Friday afternoons so they might not be immediately available.
  • Students and parents should not expect teachers to reply to emails or inquires for help after 3:30pm on Fridays.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this challenging year.


Mr. Shane Hild-Principal

Staff Directory

Name Assignment Email Address
Shane Hild Principal
Melanie Shetler Administrative Assistant
Michelle Pospichal Guidance Counselor
Anthony Avelar Math Teacher
Katrina Avelar ELL Teacher
Alana Beal Title/ELL Para
Angela Bingham Math Teacher
Shelby Bishop Social Studies/English Teacher
Cindy Bitzenburg English Teacher
Jessica Cummings Behavior Team Leader
Sara Frazier Special Education Teacher
Kimberly Gailey ELA Teacher
Amethyst Griggs Paraprofessional
Melanie Halsell Music Teacher
Debbie Haye Media Center
Sheena Kelsey ELA Teacher
Corey King Math/Science Teacher
Matt Lassen PE Teacher/Athletic Director
Nate Losser English Teacher
Jennifer Owens Social Studies Teacher
Alicia Pruitt Paraprofessional
Kristen Pryde Student Mentor
Alicia Robertson Science Teacher
Phyllis Twitchell Band Teacher
Katie Williams Science/Social Studies Teacher
Krista Williams Paraprofessional